Salmilampi cabin. A six-person cabin located on the shores of Lake Salmilampi. A cabin of 52 m² on the lake shore with excellent amenities.

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Härkälampi cabin.A four-person cabin located on the shores of Lake Härkälampi. A cabin of 42 m² on the lake shore with excellent amenities.

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Aimola. Log cabin for two persons. A small cabin of 24 m² on its own lake shore.

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Vasa a tiny cottage for two. This small but comfortable cottage, a so called tiny house, lies hidden in the forests around Rovaniemi.

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Close to wilderness lakes, yet also close to town.

Staying in our cabins, you can enjoy the tranquillity of the wilderness, even though you are located only a 15-minute drive from the town centre of Rovaniemi. The distance to visit Santa Claus at the Santa Claus Village on the Arctic Circle is only 20 kilometres.

Each cabin is located on the shores of its own lake, in the very heart of the wilderness, where you can truly witness the thrilling sound of silence. Ounasvaara’s wide range of nature trails is easily accessed. In the autumn you can pick wild berries and mushrooms right from the cabin surroundings.

Staying at the cabin, you can enjoy the wintertime Northern Lights without being disturbed by the light pollution of town. 

Keep your eyes open when staying at the cabin, as you are very likely to spot reindeer and other wilderness wildlife.


  • Arctic Circle 20 km
  • Airport 25 km
  • Santasport (sports centre) 9 km
  • Lit cross-country skiing trails 2 km
  • Ounasvaara downhill skiing slopes 10 km
  • Snowmobile routes 4 km
  • Disc golf course 4 km

Ukonloma cabins are different sizes: Salmilampi is for six persons, Härkälampi for four persons, and Aimola for two persons.

Welcome to the natural tranquillity of the Arctic Circle in Rovaniemi in Finnish Lapland!

Pets are not allowed in the cabin and smoking is forbidden indoors.